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How can I reverse a Bitcoin Transaction?
How can I reverse a Bitcoin Transaction?

Characteristics of bitcoin transactions and tips to keep in mind when sending bitcoin

Updated over a week ago

It is important to understand that bitcoin transactions are final. The Bitcoin network is built so that transactions are secure and transparent, but also immutable. This means that once a transaction is confirmed in the blockchain, it cannot be reversed.

Therefore, it is essential to only send bitcoin to wallet addresses that you control yourself. The Bitcoin network is decentralized and pseudonymous, which makes it challenging to track or retrieve bitcoin if they have been sent to an untrusted address.


If you have made a bitcoin transaction through 21bitcoin, please note that we cannot reverse the transaction. Therefore, 21bitcoin no longer has your money after the withdrawal. We therefore ask you to refrain from reclaiming or recalling transfers from your bank, as these are ineffective.

Additional Tips

  • Before sending bitcoin to a wallet, check the receiving address to make sure it is correct

  • Be careful if you receive unexpected offers or requests for investments. Scammers often try to get people to send them bitcoin

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