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Auto Wallet Transfer

Setup automated Bitcoin withdrawals to your wallet

Updated over a week ago

Auto Wallet Transfer allows you to set a Bitcoin balance limit that automatically triggers a withdrawal to your external wallet. For example, you could add your Bitbox Hardware wallet and set it to withdraw your bitcoin if your balance reaches ~€100.00.

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How to schedule an Auto Wallet Transfer:

  1. Tap on “Auto Wallet Transfer Card on the Homescreen

  2. Select a limit and tap “Add Wallet

  3. Select a wallet or add a new one

  4. Tap “Confirm” to schedule your automatic withdrawal

Common use cases for Auto Wallet Transfer

  • You want to hold your own Bitcoin

  • You want to save on Bitcoin transaction fees

  • You want to reduce the number of UTXOs

How to cancel an Auto Wallet Transfer:

  1. Navigate to the Homescreen

  2. Scroll down to the “Auto Wallet Transfer Card

  3. Tap on the card

  4. Press the “Deactivate” button

  5. Confirm the cancellation


Bitcoin Transfers are final and cannot be unsent. Please always double-check the Wallet Address if you send Bitcoin to an external wallet.

The automatic wallet transfer will be triggered when your balance reaches your set limit plus 1,000 sats (Bitcoin network fee). For example, if you have set your limit to 2,100,000 sats, an automatic withdrawal will be triggered when your balance reaches 2,101,000 sats.

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