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Non-Custodial Mode

Self-custody for your bitcoin

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With the Non-Custodial Mode, you can send every bitcoin purchase on 21bitcoin directly to your own external wallet. This guarantees absolute self-custody.

Non-custodial means that you have sole control over your private keys and therefore over your bitcoin, without them being held by a platform. In short, only you have access to and control over your bitcoin, and no one else.

With other services, you often have to wait several hours or even more than a day for your bitcoin to arrive in your wallet. We always process your withdrawal in the next bitcoin block. This means you only have to wait an average of ten minutes for your bitcoin to arrive in your wallet – faster than anywhere else.

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How to activate the Non-Custodial Mode:

  1. Navigate to the home screen and scroll to the Auto Transfer card

  2. Tap on it

  3. Activate the Non-Custodial Mode

  4. Select an existing wallet or add a new one

  5. Tap on “Confirm” to set up automatic withdrawals

Use case for Non-Custodial Mode

  • You want to hold bitcoin in your own wallet

How to deactivate the Non-Custodial Mode:

  1. Navigate to the home screen

  2. Scroll down to see your active Non-Custodial Mode

  3. Tap on the Auto Transfer card

  4. Press the “Deactivate” button

  5. Confirm the deactivation


Bitcoin transfers are final and cannot be reversed. Please always check the wallet address when sending bitcoin to an external wallet.

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