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How to send Bitcoin

Sending bitcoin to an external wallet

Updated over a week ago
  1. Tap on the “Send-Button” on the homescreen next to the “Sell-Button” and select “Send

  2. Add a wallet address by copying or scanning a QR code

  3. Enter the Bitcoin amount (in sats)

  4. In the next step you will be shown a preview of the withdrawal. If everything is correct, tap on “Confirm

Your Bitcoin withdrawal has been initiated and will be with you shortly! 🎉

You can view the withdrawal in the activity overview. We'll also email you the details of your transaction.

The minimum for bitcoin withdrawals is 65,000 sats.

Set a BTC balance limit that triggers an automatic withdrawal to your external wallet when reached

21bitcoin does not charge any additional fees for Bitcoin withdrawals, but only passes on the Bitcoin network fees to you (for this we use the median fee of the last year, which corresponds to 1,000 sats).

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