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How to set up a Bitcoin Wallet

Set up a Bitbox hardware wallet

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The difference between a wallet and an address

You may have heard the term Bitcoin wallet or Bitcoin address before. A wallet is a digital storage location for your Bitcoin addresses. But how do you create such a wallet or the addresses it contains to receive Bitcoin?

A secure way to store Bitcoin is a hardware wallet. This is a small physical device (similar to a USB stick). You can find instructions for the BitBox hardware wallet here. A slightly cheaper, but also secure variant is, for example, the Trezor Model One.

Instructions for creating a Bitcoin address with BitBox

The BitBox02 "Bitcoin-only Edition" offers a secure and simple way to store your Bitcoin yourself. It is manufactured and distributed by the Swiss company Shift Crypto AG.

Tips for buying a wallet

Always buy hardware wallets from the manufacturer's online store. Do not trust any offers on Amazon etc. There is a possibility that an attacker could manipulate the device in advance and steal the Bitcoin transferred to it.

Tips for setting up the wallet

When unpacking the wallet, check whether the vacuum packaging is damaged, torn or cut open. If this is the case, you should contact the manufacturer, as the device may have been tampered with during transportation.

The German YouTuber Blocktrainer has put together a detailed step-by-step guide explaining how to set up your BitBox.

Create a receiving address

This YouTube video shows you (from minute 2:24) how to create a receiving address.

Follow the steps in the video until the BitBox02 app shows you your receiving address with the corresponding QR code.

Sending Bitcoin from 21bitcoin to BitBox

To send Bitcoin from 21bitcoin to your BitBox wallet, follow the instructions "How to send Bitcoin".


  • Only buy hardware wallets via the manufacturer's online store

  • Never send Bitcoin to addresses that have been sent to you by someone on the internet

  • Do not give anyone access to your cell phone or your PC/laptop (e.g. via assistance software such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer)

  • Bitcoin transactions are not reversible

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