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What are the Fees at 21bitcoin?
What are the Fees at 21bitcoin?

Costs for buying and selling bitcoin

Updated over a week ago

21bitcoin charges a small fee when you buy or sell bitcoin. The fee will be listed on the trade confirmation screen before you complete the transaction.

Buy Bitcoin from a Fee of 0.79 %

Order Type (Purchase)


Savings Plan

0.79 % (+ 0.2% without Referral Code)

Standard Instant Order

1.29% (+ 0.2% without Referral Code)

Custom Price Order


Sell Bitcoin

Order Type (Sale)


Standard Instant Sell Order






EUR Deposit

€0.00 (free)

Deposits via SEPA and SEPA Instant bank transfers are free





EUR Withdrawal


To a reference SEPA bank account

BTC Withdrawal

~€0.50 (1,000 sats)

21bitcoin pays the Bitcoin network fees for you and only charges 1,000 sats


When you buy or sell bitcoin with 21bitcoin, the price is derived from the quoted mid-market price, including a small margin or spread. We try to keep this margin as low as possible; depending on the market situation, it amounts to approx. 0.3–0.5%.

The mid-market price is the average price of bitcoin currently being displayed on other major exchanges. As with any other financial market, this average price is not necessarily the price at which you can buy or sell, but is how we calculate our bids.

There is also a minimum fee of €0.49 for purchases and sales to cover fix costs.

Are you planning to buy more than €100,000 per Transaction?

Please contact our support via in-app chat to discover 21Private, an exclusive service for investors looking to trade large volumes (more than €100,000 per transaction).

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