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Fund your Account 24/7 in Seconds with SEPA Instant & buy Bitcoin
Fund your Account 24/7 in Seconds with SEPA Instant & buy Bitcoin

SEPA Instant bank transfers enable 24/7 transfers in seconds

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What is SEPA Instant?

Regular SEPA bank transfers usually take 1 to 3 business days, as banks process transfers during business hours from Monday to Friday (acceptance deadlines and booking times may vary depending on the bank and country). However, banks typically have fixed acceptance deadlines for transfers, after which the booking is not made until the next business day. Please also note that weekends and public holidays can extend the processing times of regular SEPA transfers.

SEPA Instant transfers, on the other hand, allow up to €100.000 to be available in the beneficiary's account within seconds. This is particularly useful for urgent payments, such as a quick bitcoin purchase.

How to make a SEPA Instant Transfer

  1. Prepare the bank transfer as usual in your online banking system by entering the recipient's details, your payment description and the amount

  2. Select the option "SEPA Instant" if your bank participates in the SEPA Instant Payment scheme

  3. Execute the transfer and wait for the confirmation in the app

Please note,

  • that there may be additional fees for SEPA Instant transfers, which are determined by your bank

  • that the above steps may vary from bank to bank. Please refer to your bank's help center or FAQ for detailed instruction

  • SEPA Instant transfers are only possible up to a maximum of €100.000,00 per transfer

Frequently asked Questions about SEPA Instant

Is SEPA Instant supported by every Bank?

A SEPA Instant transfer only works if both the receiving and the sending financial institution participate in the SCT payment scheme.

Banks supporting SEPA Instant

  • Comdirect

  • Commerzbank

  • Deutsche Bank

  • DKB

  • HypoVereinsbank

  • ING

  • N26

  • Norisbank

  • Oberbank

  • Postbank

  • Raiffeisen Bank

  • Revolut

  • Santander

  • Sparkasse

  • Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken

  • etc.

Is there a Fee for SEPA Instant?

Each bank determines for itself whether and to what extent costs are incurred for SEPA Instant transfers. Please ask your bank about this.

21bitcoin or its bank do not charge additional fees for deposits via a SEPA Instant transfer.

Is SEPA Instant secure?

The same security standards apply to SEPA Instant transfers as to standard bank transfers, which makes them very secure.

Further Information

  • Here you can find a complete list of banks that offer SEPA Instant

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