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Custom Price Order

Automatically buy any amount of bitcoin for a custom price

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Custom price orders allow you to select a price that will trigger a standard order to buy bitcoin. When your chosen price is reached, a standard order will be placed and executed as soon as possible at the available market price. The price you select can be reached in one of two ways: Either bitcoin will be bought at the selected price or below the selected price. See below for more details on order types and their triggering events.

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Use Case for Custom Price Orders

  • Set a purchase price below the current price to try to buy bitcoin when the price drops

How to Place a Custom Price Order

  1. Tap “Buy” on the home screen

  2. Tap on the drop-down menu and select “Custom Price Order

  3. Select how much you would like to spend in Euros to buy bitcoin

  4. Adjust the slider to your desired bitcoin purchase price, then tap the “✅-button”. You can also tap the keyboard icon to manually input the price. Then tap "Next"

  5. Select the time period you want this order to remain active before it expires

  6. Check the order details and tap “Confirm” to place your custom price order

The money for custom price orders is deducted from your EUR balance at the time of the order. If your custom price order is cancelled or expires before it is triggered, the money will be refunded to your EUR balance. You will be notified when a custom price order expires.

When setting the duration for a custom price order, one day ends 24 hours later at 00:00 (UTC) after the order has been placed. For instance, if you specify an expiration period of “1 day”, the order will expire at 00:00 (UTC) the following day, at least 24 hours after the order was issued.

Two Options to Cancel a Custom Price Order:

Option 1:

  • Navigate to the “Bitcoin” tab

  • Scroll down to “Buy the Dip”

  • Tap the “Cancel-Button

  • Confirm” the cancellation

Option 2:

  • Navigate to the “Activity” tab

  • Identify the relevant custom price order from the list

  • Tap the “Cancel-Button

  • Confirm” the cancellation

Legal Disclaimer

Please note – Custom price orders are advanced and come with associated risks. Custom price orders are not a price guarantee. The price you set may not be the price you receive. The price you set only triggers a standard order. The actual market price may fluctuate between the time of the triggering event and the order's execution. This means you might buy at a price slightly different from what you set. If the price changes quickly, the price difference may be significant.

In certain circumstances, we may, at our sole discretion, cancel outstanding custom price orders due to corporate actions or restructurings or if we suspect that there is a reason for cancellation as set out in section 5.2 of the Terms. You will be notified if your order is canceled.

An order to buy bitcoin at a specified price below the current market price will result in a Market If Touched buy order. The triggering event for this type of order is the best bid reaching your specified price or a lower price.

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