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Taxes at 21bitcoin
Taxes at 21bitcoin

21bitcoin makes it easy for you

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When you buy bitcoin, dealing with taxes is inevitable. At 21bitcoin, we make it easy for you to fulfill your tax obligations.

General Tax Features at 21bitcoin

21bitcoin is characterized by user-friendly features that help you easily meet your tax obligations:

CSV Export Feature

You can export your transaction history, which is a great help for your tax return. This feature is useful to have all your bitcoin transactions listed in a detailed and clear manner.

To export all your transactions, tap on “🕒 Activity” in the app and then on the download icon at the top right.

Integration with Tax Tools

21bitcoin seamlessly integrates with leading bitcoin tax software solutions such as Koinly (get 20% off your first tax report with the code 21bitcoin24), Cointracking and Blockpit. These partnerships allow you to prepare your bitcoin transactions efficiently and accurately for the tax office.

These features are available to all 21bitcoin customers and ensure that you can optimally manage your bitcoin investment from a tax perspective.

Special Features for Users in Austria

For you as a user based in Austria, there is a significant change in bitcoin taxation that starting in 2024, which includes:

Automatic Calculation and Remittance of Capital Gains Tax

From January 1, 2024, platforms like 21bitcoin are obliged to withhold capital gains tax (KESt) directly at the time of bitcoin disposal and remit it to the tax office, if a profit has been made. This regulation applies to bitcoin acquired after March 1, 2021.

21bitcoin will handle the entire process of tax calculation and remittance for you. More information on this can be found in the article How the Tax on Cryptocurrencies will work from 2024.


Please note that this article provides general information and does not constitute tax advice. For individual advice, we recommend consulting a tax advisor.

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