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How to recognize Fraud
How to recognize Fraud

Typical signs of fraud in the bitcoin environment

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The digital age has not only brought innovation and convenience but also attracted scammers who try to profit from inexperienced investors. To help you safely navigate the Bitcoin environment, we've put together a few points on how to spot fraudulent activity.

If you are ever unsure or think you might be exposed to a scam, don't hesitate to contact our support directly via chat in the app.

Typical Signs of Fraud

  1. Promises of returns that are too good: Beware of offers that promise incredible returns in the shortest possible time. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

  2. Building pressure: A reputable provider will never pressure you to invest quickly or to deposit or send a certain amount to an address

  3. Lack of transparency: A reputable company should clearly state its place of business and contact details. Beware of providers who hide such information

  4. Unusual requests for payment: A scammer might ask you to transfer fees or taxes directly to them, often on the grounds of speeding up the process

  5. Excessive profits: Scammers often lure investors with free demo accounts on social media, where they simulate trades showing more profits than losses to deceive investors

Additional Tips

  • Avoid communicating with unknown providers outside official platforms. If someone claims to be connected to 21bitcoin without doing so via the official chat in the app, this is a warning sign and probably not true

  • A legitimate provider will never instruct you on specific withdrawal destinations for your bitcoin. If you are asked to send bitcoin to an address you don't know or control, you could lose your money irretrievably

  • Always look out for official alerts and notifications from 21bitcoin and other trusted sources

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