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What Documents are accepted as Proof of Source of Funds?
What Documents are accepted as Proof of Source of Funds?

These documents are accepted as proof of source of funds for deposits to your 21bitcoin account

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In some cases, we may request proof of the source of the funds of your deposit.

As a platform fully regulated by the FMA, we are obligated under the Anti-Money Laundering Act to periodically request such proofs.

Below is a list of possible proofs of source of funds:

  • Wage, salary, pension slips (not older than six months)

  • A current tax return

  • Account statements showing incoming payments. Please note that all proof must not only show your IBAN and your name, but also the IBAN and the name of the sender from which you received the money. Complete details such as date and amount are also required.

  • An inheritance declaration or a notification from the Tax or Finance Ministry

  • A certified purchase contract of a property

  • A signed purchase agreement for a car, artwork, or similar

  • A summary from a brokerage platform regarding stock sales or similar

  • A donation agreement signed by all parties

There are other ways to prove the origin of your funds. If you have questions, you can reach us anytime through the support chat directly in the app.

You can use one or more of the proofs listed above.

Additional Tip

Note that a proof of source of funds does not mean the location (e.g. account) but rather the question of why you have access to the money (e.g. "I earned this money because of job X and over the period Y saved together. You can also find evidence of its origin here.").

Privacy and Security

At 21bitcoin, we place the utmost importance on protecting your personal data. All documents and information you provide are treated with strict confidentiality in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

We are aware that trust is the foundation of every successful business relationship, and we strive to strengthen this trust in every interaction with us.

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